Duos Mio

( )
Jordi El Nino Polla
Sara Diamante
Sara Retali
Bareback Blowjob Hardcore Pornstars

Sometimes you just find yourself in the most unbelievably lucky or unlucky situation surrounded by two absolutely gorgeous women when youre not supposed to. Youre just minding your own business out on the town, at work, or mundane chores and two stunning women tempt you with their curvy, tight bodies in skimpy clothing and flirtatious smiles. And thats just where Jordi finds himself. Caught between the seductive Sara Retali and the scorching Sara Diamante! He just needs to stay composed and pray to whatever powers he believes in to maintain his composure and focus on what needs to be done. Not them. But now Sara and Sara are oiling up. Tracing their hands over their bodies, glancing at him. Do they know what theyre doing! Is it intentional! Or is it all in his head!

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