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Mandy Monroe
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The woman youre about to see has been married for over 20 years. The guy youre going to see her fucking is not her husband. In fact, hes 27. Mandy Monroe is 51, so the dude is young enough to be her son. Hes not her son, of course, but you get the idea. I do have kids and they dont know about any of this, Mandy said. By this, she means what happens in this scene: Mandy getting down on her knees to suck the dudes cock, Mandy on all fours and getting banged from behind, her moans of pleasure echoing off the walls as the dude slaps her little ass, the dude picking her up and bouncing her up and down on his hard-on, the dude standing up and turning her upside-down so he can eat her pussy and she can suck his cock, a lot of hard, deep fucking, and the dude shooting his load on her face and Mandy sucking him off to the last drop. Mandy was born in Utah. Yeah, that place. The locals definitely wouldnt approve. She now lives in Florida, where hot-bodied women like Mandy Read More

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