One Bathroom Full House

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J Mac
Kiki Klout
Bareback Blowjob Hardcore Pornstars

Have you ever been stuck waiting for a bathroom! Isnt it amazing when you can just walk right in at your leisure! Well, Kiki Klout is not so lucky. Yes, shes beautiful, curvy, and full of attitude... But that doesnt solve the problem of Jmac wasting time in the tub with a bunch of rubber ducks! With dreams of shower heads spraying warm water on her clit, Kiki bangs and shouts for Jmac to get the hell out. Its her private time and she needs it. Fine. Fine! If he doesnt want to move... Kiki climbs into the tub and starts unashamedly stroking her wet pussy, closing her eyes and moaning in pleasure. Jmac, not one to be left out, eagerly jumps in to lend a helping hand -- and a lot more...

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