Mandy gets ass-fucked, P.O.V.-style

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Mandy Monroe
Nicky Rebel
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In the opening photos, 51-year-old wife and mom Mandy Monroe is taking a shower. A guy we never see his face knocks on the door and walks in. Im so glad youre here, Mandy says. Ive been waiting for you. Shes ready for him. Judging by his hard-on, hes ready for her. I really was thinking about having it in my ass, too, Mandy says. In addition to her mouth and pussy, that is. By the way, in this scene, you is you, the viewer. The entire scene is in P.O.V., and you get to cum all over Mandys butthole. 50Plus MILFs: What do you want to try that you havent done! Mandy: At this point, I have done a lot in my life. The things I want to try are the things I wouldnt think of. That happens a lot. You cant always plan or foresee the next good thing to come your way, and that makes life interesting and enjoyable. Aside from that, I do hope to re-experience many of the good times. 50Plus MILFs: What is sexy to you! Mandy: Pre-cum drives me wild.

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