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Sofie Style
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I like attention, says Sofie Style, an attractive German one of photographers found in his search for voluptuous women. To keep fit, Sofie swims and goes to the gym. She sports a scorpion tattoo on her left ankle. Shes a Scorpio, born November 7th. Sofie is a healthy-looking young woman. My boobs are natural, said Sofie, a nurse by profession. People always compliment me and guys ask me questions about them. Thats good if they are nice questions. I get even more attention when I wear very tight clothing showing a lot of cleavage. Men are always talking to me. I enjoy how I look in them so I like to do this. I wear Triumph bras. I can find what I like in stores. Most of the time, I wear sports bras. Im a late bloomer. I was 16 when my breasts got so big. I had the biggest breasts in school.

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