What Husband!, Scene 01

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India Summer
Lyra Law
Lesbians Massage Pornstars

India Summer, a masseuse, is waiting for her next client of the day. When Lyra Law rushes in, its clear shes not having a good day. India soothes her, assuring her that everything will fine. In fact, maybe she can unwind by using a new massage theyre offering: NURU. Lyra calms down a moment saying, Oh! I and Riley used that on our honeymoon! Once theyre in the shower together, getting prepped for the massage, Lyra apologizes for coming in with such a bad attitude. Its just her relationship with Rileys been a bit rough lately, and-- India assures her that its perfectly fine, these things happen. Her job today is to make Riley forget all that and relax a while! After a surprisingly sensual cleaning in the shower from India, they go to the mat for the full body massage. Once India is sliding her naked body all over Lyras, being nothing but professional, she comments that she IS sorry to hear about the trouble Lyras going through with her husband. Maybe couples counseling is an option! Lyra is confused but amused. Husband! Rileys my WIFE! India is so embarrassed about the mishap, even though Lyra finds the whole thing to be funnier than anything else. However, when India

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