Just An Innocent Massage, Scene 01

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Chloe Cherry
Mike Mancini
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A beautiful masseuse, Chloe Cherry, is preparing for her next client when Mike Mancini strolls into the parlor. Hes there for a Swedish massage that he won through a radio station contest, which Chloe is delighted to give him. However, hes been looking online and saw that the parlor offers something called a NURU massage that hes MUCH more interested in -- can she give him THAT instead! Chloe hesitates, explaining that the reason why NURU massages werent offered as prizes for the contest is because theyre sexual in nature. Since the radio station is family-friendly, they didnt want to be affiliated with such a product. Yet, Mike is determined as he flashes a disarming smile. Theres no one else around, so whats the harm in mixing things up! Taken in by his charm, Chloe slyly insists that she can give Mike the most sensual, classic Swedish massage hes ever had! She keeps her promise as she leads Mike into the shower. She runs her hands all over his body, getting him nice and hard for whats to come. He teases her about not keeping the massage very family-friendly, but its all part of the ploy. Once it comes to the main event, theres not a single complaint to be heard as

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