Tricking Her Sisters Boyfriend, Scene 01

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Kasey Miller
Zac Wild
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Zac Wild and his girlfriend, Scarlett Bloom, are cuddling on a couch and doting on each other while Kasey Miller, Scarletts sister, rolls her eyes in the background. The couple are always SO lovey-dovey with each other and it annoys Kasey. Especially since shes attracted to Zac... However, when the couple starts talking about doing a NURU massage, she cant help but to be a little intrigued. The couple parts to get ready for the massage, with Scarlett sending Zac ahead to the bedroom to strip and get ready. Dont forget the blindfold! she playfully reminds Zac, wanting this session to be extra special. But Scarletts sexy plans are interrupted when she gets an urgent phone call while gathering the massage supplies. As soon as she hangs up, she asks Kasey if she can tell Zac shell be out for just 20 minutes, which Kasey easily agrees to. Once Scarlett leaves, Kasey curiously picks up the bowl and gel, then grins to herself. She heads to the bedroom, where Zac is already naked and blindfolded on the bed, eagerly waiting for his girlfriend. Kasey mischievously strips down and straddles Zac as she begins the massage, rubbing oil -- and her gorgeous body -- all over him. Zac, thin

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