Whats She Got That I Dont!, Scene 01

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Cadence Lux
Lena Paul
Lesbians Massage Pornstars

Cadence Lux, a masseuse, is looking over the days schedule when she spots a familiar name: Lena Paul. THIS is the woman that Cadences husband left her for! She quickly calls her colleague to ask her to switch clients since shes curious to see what exactly this woman has that she doesnt. When her colleague agrees, the plan is set in motion. When Lena arrives, Cadence can barely hide her contempt while trying to be as professional as possible. Although Lena seems sweet enough, Cadence doesnt go easy on her once they begin the massage. Despite being rougher than normal with her hands, Lena seems to be into it, which makes Cadence silently fume even more. Yet, the longer the massage goes on, the more Cadence finds herself checking out Lenas sexy body... Distracted by her growing lust for Lena, Cadence glides her hand along Lenas pussy. Lena is startled as she sits up and awkwardly confronts Cadence about being handsy. Oh, like how you were too handsy with my husband! My EX-husband! Cadence retorts as Lenas eyes widen with shock as she finally realizes who Cadence is. As Lena sincerely apologizes for what happened, Cadences resolve finally breaks down. She doesnt have it in

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