Nieces Family Tree, Scene 01

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Dee Williams
Evelin Stone
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Dee Williams is excited to welcome her niece, Evelin Stone, into her home. Theyd been separated awhile because of a rift between Dee and Evelins mother, who is Dees step-sister. Now that Evelins on her own, though, shes eager to have her Aunt Dee back in her life! Evelin is there that day to find out more about her family since her parents never really told her anything, leaving her in the dark about their family history. Although Dee is not from the same bloodline, she tells Evelin everything she can. In doing so, Evelin learns that her family is a lot more liberal and free-spirited, just like her and Dee! Also, it seems like she comes from a proud line of masseuses! Dee is touched by Evelins curiosity and passion, offering to show her some basic techniques to see if being a masseuse is right for her. Evelin eagerly agrees and is soon melting under her aunts experienced hands. When Dee asks if Evelin would like to massage her, Evelins game. As she massages Dee, following her guidance, the situation becomes unexpectedly arousing. Her aunt is just so sensual and in touch with herself, and Evelin is drawn to that incredible energy! Once she begins to massage Dees breasts, tu

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