Ladies Day In, Scene 01

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Joanna Angel
Romi Rain
Lesbians Massage Pornstars

Joanna Angel and Romi Rain, two friends and coworkers, are enjoying each others company on a rare day off together. Ever since they got their promotions, they havent been able to make time in their busy schedules to just hang out. But today, theyre going to catch up while relaxing as much as possible. Speaking of relaxing... Wheres that masseur that they hired for an in-home massage! Joanna excitedly checks her phone, but is dismayed to learn that the service she ordered has been canceled. What are they going to do! After thinking about it for a few moments, Joanna gets an idea as she playfully offers to give Romi a massage. Theyre friends, and why should they let this ruin their day! Romis unable to resist Joannas charms as she casually agrees, following after her as Joanna leads Romi to the bedroom. Joanna insists that Romi strips down since she wants this to be like a real massage! Once Romi does and lays on her front on the bed, Joanna straddles her and begins the massage, making sure to use plenty of oil. Romi easily melts into Joannas firm yet delicate touches, complimenting her soft hands. Joanna gives better massages than any of her boyfriends ever did! Of course, a

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