Best Friends Forever!, Scene 01

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Alison Rey
Jade Kush
Lesbians Massage Pornstars

Alison Rey and Jade Kush are two best friends trying to remain connected, even though life is pulling them apart. They dont have the same interests they used to, so its harder to bond. It doesnt help that Jades been so busy with cheerleading practice lately, which leaves her feeling sore and tired all the time. Fortunately, Jades able to squeeze in some time to grab a coffee after an upcoming cheerleading practice, which fills them both with excitement. After they hang up, Alison gets the great idea of looking up how to do massages. She wants to go into sports medicine in college, so learning how to massage Jade now can help her future career AND give them something to do together! When Jade shows up a few days later, shes down for getting a massage. Although Alison was so sure before about giving a massage, shes not so sure now once Jade easily strips down before her. Alison cant stop staring at Jades naked body since all that exercising from cheerleading has really been working out for her... Alison tries to push away her attraction as she commits to massaging Jade. Right now, its crucial that they rekindle their bond to make their friendship stronger. Yet, the more she

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