Playing Innocent, Scene 01

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Gia Derza
Nia Nacci
Lesbians Pornstars

Gia Derza and Nia Nacci, two friends, are enjoying each others company while playing Go Fish in Gias bedroom. Whenever Nia leans forward to pick up cards, her perky breasts get Gias attention. Shes getting more aroused by the minute, sometimes shifting against the bed when she thinks Nia is distracted. Then Nia fans herself a little and asks if Gia is getting hot. Gia agrees that it IS hot in the room, so shell check the thermostat. She leaves the room, then mischievously grins as she approaches the thermostat and ups the temperature instead of turning it down. When she returns to the bedroom, she acts innocent, saying that the air conditioner is broken. It happens a lot. So much, in fact, that Gia usually just walks around the house naked when her parents arent around! Gia says that Nia could strip down now and try it out if she wants, since Gia doesnt want her to be too hot. Her parents are out for the night, so its just them! Nia hesitates, unsure about stripping down in front of her friend since shes not quite as confident. Gia strips down to her underwear first to encourage Nia. Nia is still shy as she looks Gias body up and down before following suit. Gia compliment

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