The Yoga Excuse, Scene 01

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Alyce Anderson
Arya Fae
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Alyce Anderson and Arya Fae have just finished a class. Arya is walking back to her car to go home when she hears something calling out her name. When she turns around she recognizes the girl but isnt sure exactly who she is. Alyce introduces herself, saying theyre in the same class. Arya has an oh ya moment then adds that shes on her way to do some yoga. Alyce would love to do some with her and decides to tag along. The girls jump in Aryas car and drive home. Arya sets up two yoga mats in the living room and starts taking off her clothes. When Alyce asks her what shes doing, she tells her she always does yoga naked. Arya suggests that if shes not comfortable being naked she could just take off her dress. When Alyce asks her if her posture is correct, Arya runs her hand close to Alices breast making sure to touch it. She finally sits down and begins doing breathing exercises. When they move on to stretching, Alyce isnt sure shes doing it correctly. When Arya tells her that her bra is restricting the energy flow, Alyce takes it off. When they start working on their legs, Arya corrects Alyce on her form but cant help but make a point to touch her. When she adds that perhaps

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