Mommys Achy Boobs, Scene 01

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Bridgette B
Isabella Nice
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Isabella Nice happily greets her step-mom, Bridgette B, as she comes home from another stressful day at work. As Bridgette laments over how much her bra bothers her and how she wishes her breasts could be free, Isabella is entranced. The way Bridgette squishes her breasts together makes the younger woman fantasize about her step-mother in ways she really shouldnt... When Isabella snaps out of it, she is sympathetic. In fact, shell run to the mall to get some things to help make Bridgette more comfortable! As Bridgette coos over her and hugs her close to her bosom, Isabellas resolve to make her mom feel better intensifies. After Bridgette excuses herself to have some downtime, Isabella heads out to pick up some things to help get Bridgette nice and relaxed. When Isabella returns, she places the gift bag with the brand new bra aside, then sets to work turning the living room into a massage parlor. She lights candles, arranges flowers, and even rolls up towels. When Bridgette reappears, she is curious about whats going on. Isabella explains that she just wants to help make Bridgette comfortable since shes been complaining about how sore her boobs are. In fact, Isabella wants to g

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