Family Friction 2 Soothing Sisters Guilt , Scene 01

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Carolina Sweets
Kenna James
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Carolina Sweets is still reeling from the crazy day shes had so far -- not only did she find out that her parents marriage is falling apart, she also had sex with her step-brother, Nathan! Shes so worried that she seeks advice and comfort from her more confident step-sister, Kenna James, who also just arrived home from college. Carolina confesses to Kenna that she lost her virginity to Nathan, who is Kennas biological brother, AND that she knows Dee and Erics marriage is in trouble! As Carolina hoped, Kenna takes the news in strides and reassures her that everything will be okay. Unbeknownst to Carolina, Kennas secretly much more concerned about the news of their parents being in trouble than Carolina getting it on with her brother. Kenna may have tough skin, but it broke her heart when she had to say goodbye to her biological dad after her step-mom, Dee, won custody over her and Nathan. She cant stand the thought of having to pick sides like that again! To further help Carolina calm down, Kenna offers a relaxing massage. Carolina is rattled but accepts her sisters loving touch. As Carolinas massaged, she continues to fret. What if having a masseuse mom and such a touchy-f

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