Resisting Arrest, Scene 01

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Abigail Mac
Kenzie Reeves
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RESISTING ARREST Angry Cop Vents Frustrations On Teen Vandal With Rough SexOfficer Sonia Kapelli Abigail Mac is sitting in her car watching the wretched world go by when she gets a call from a dispatcher about a vandalism in progress. When she answers the call, she sees the troublemaking teen, Zoe Willis Kenzie Reeves, adding the finishing touches to her graffiti masterpiece. Zoe is alarmed when a cop car suddenly starts speeding down the alleyway where shes working. She drops her spray can and legs it, hoping to outrun the long arm of the law. But as the sirens scream and engine revs, Zoe doesnt like her chances. OPENING CREDITSBy some stroke of luck, Zoes able to duck around a corner and lose the pursuing officer. She rushes into a nearby warehouse, relieved to have dodged that bullet. After she takes a few moments to catch her breath, she removes another spray can from her satchel, ready to continue her mission. I wouldnt do that if I were you. Zoe freezes in her tracks, slowly turning around as Officer Kapelli approaches. She oozes authority, which triggers that rebellious side of Zoe to flare. She tries to run but stops when Officer Kapelli orders her to freeze. She

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