She Looks Just Like Me!, Scene 01

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Aidra Fox
Whitney Wright
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Whitney Wright lies on her bed. She has her laptop open in front of her and her hand down her pants. She is rubbing her pussy, biting her lip with pleasure as she watches a steamy sex scene on her laptop. Suddenly theres a knock at the door. Oh shit! , Whitney says to herself, hastily stopping the video and closing her laptop. Wh-who is it! , she asks. Its me, sis! Can I come in! Aidra Fox asks from the other side of the door. Um yeah, sure, Whitney says. Aidra opens the door and bounds in enthusiastically, hopping up onto the bed beside Whitney. She had to see Whitney to find out what she was wearing to dinner tonight, Aidra says. Oh jeez, that IS tonight isnt it! , Whitney says, surprised. Yeah duh, Aidra laughs. In like two hours, Aidra adds. How COULD Whitney forget the fancy dinner celebrating the anniversary of her mom and Whitneys dad! , Aidra asks jokingly. The anniversary that they just WONT shut up about, laughs Whitney. But what IS Whitney wearing tonight! , Aidra asks. Oh man, she doesnt even know, Whitney says. But she really needs to hop into the shower for a quick rinse, so why doesnt she do that and when she gets out, theyll figure out their wardrobe! , s

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