Black Sheep Cousins, Scene 01

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Eliza Ibarra
Kendra Spade
Lesbians Pornstars

Kendra Spade slips through a door into a quiet bedroom. She leans back against the wall with a sigh, rubbing her temples. She looks a little stressed, folding her arms across herself. She unwinds for several seconds by herself until the door behind her opens and Eliza Ibarra steps into the room. They casually greet each other as they both lean against the wall in silence for a few moments. Kendra doesnt look like she wants to talk at first but Eliza speaks up again after a few moments. Are the family reunions always this intense! Eliza asks. Yeah, theyre always this loud. Thats why I came in here to get a breather. What did you say your name was again! Kendra asks. Eliza gives her name. Yeah, I still dont recognize you, Kendra states with mild curiosity. Eliza tells her that thats okay. She moved around a lot with her family, which is why Kendra doesnt recognize her. Not gonna lie, Im a bit overwhelmed by all these new names and faces, though, Eliza says with a nervous laugh. You said you move around a lot, right! So that must make you Madison and Williams kid, which makes us, uh... Second cousins, Kendra responds. Eliza nods, reflecting on how hard it is to kee

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