The Casting

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Abigail Mac
Jake Adams
Seth Gamble
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THE CASTING Struggling Actress Coerced Into Sex Audition By Creepy Director Scene opens on Amy Abigail Mac, a young waitress, as she waits by a bus stop at the end of a long shift. Still dressed in her work uniform, she rifles through her purse to find some change for the bus when her phone rings. Its her agent on the other end of the line, calling to inform the struggling actress that she received an invitation to audition for a new mainstream project -- a lead role in a pilot. Amy is ecstatic and surprised. Its the first audition shes ever had... The agent tells her that he received the invitation from the director himself, eager to meet Amy after seeing her demo reel. Eager to accept, she tells the agent to set up a time and shell be there. Do you think you could make it to Los Verdes by 5pm! The agent asks. Amy looks down at herself. As long as they dont mind my work uniform, she jokes. The agent tells her hell set it up and send the address. Amy puts the phone back in her purse and sits quietly for a moment, before jumping up and down in excitement at the bus stop. CUT TO TITLE PLATE Inside a staged living room, several crew members finish setting up lights and pr

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