Cum Addiction Intervention, Scene 01

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Athena Faris
Codey Steele
Robby Echo
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CUM ADDICTION INTERVENTION Teen Begs Brother For Double Creampie To Feed Her Cum Addiction SCENE OPENS on girlfriend and boyfriend Carla Athena Faris and Rich Codey Steele. They are in each others arms on Carlas bed, chatting and laughing. They start to makeout and before long, things are pretty hot and heavy. As they kiss, Rich squeezes Carlas tits. As he moves his hand between her legs, he starts to rub her pussy over her pants but she gently pulls his hand away and breaks the kiss. She... Shes not sure if shes... Ready, she says softly. REALLY! , Rich asks, clearly disappointed. Yeah... She... She told him that she wanted to take things slow, Carla says. Yeah but... Theres slow and then theres... SLOW, Rich says, visibly annoyed. Weve been together for six months now. Were BOTH 18, so... Whats going on! Dont you want to be with me! Rich says, playing the victim a little. No, thats not it, of COURSE she wants to be with him, Carla says, seemingly worried that shes upset him. So whats stopping us, then! Lets be brave and go for it... Rich says with a lusty grin. He resumes kissing her and gets handsy again almost immediately. But... But what about her step

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