Nowhere To Run, Scene 01

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Autumn Falls
Derrick Pierce
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NOWHERE TO RUN Teens Car Breaks Down and She Accepts Help From A Suspicious Stranger SCENE OPENS on Anita Autumn Falls, a young woman. Shes in her car and lightly hits the steering wheel. Why wont you just START! , she complains to herself. She exhales heavily, reaching for her cell phone. She tries to turn it on, but its dead. She opens the glove compartment and roots around in it. After a moment, her head sags in disappointment. Aaaaaaaand you didnt bring your charger. GREAT job Anita, she chastises herself. At that moment, there is a sudden knock at the window. She jumps with a slight yelp, completely startled. Standing at her window is Shane Derrick Pierce, a somewhat rough looking man. He is unsmiling and motions for her to roll down the window. She regards him warily and hesitantly rolls down her window, but just a crack. Uh... Yes! , she asks cautiously. Hey, hes sorry to scare her, but he was coming home and saw her car stall and quit on her, he begins, his tone even and non-threatening. Oh uh, yeah, it... It wont start no matter what she does, she answers, a touch of wariness still in her voice. Ok, well if she wants, his house is right there, he says, pointin

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