Seen Not Heard An Alexis Fawx Story, Scene 01

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Alexis Fawx
Bobbi Dylan
Seth Gamble
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SEEN NOT HEARD: AN ALEXIS FAWX STORY FEMALE PATIENT RELIVES PAST SEXUAL EXPERIENCES WITH HOSPITAL STAFF SCENE OPENS on Anna Alexis Fawx, a frazzled woman dressed in a patient gown, as she sits on the edge of her hospital bed with her eyes closed. Her body is tense but still, with her fists clenched. The room is dark and only her silhouette is really visible, set against the various shadows that move in the hallway on the other side of the curtain. Anna muses: Monsters are not only bred from darkness, monsters are also created. A monster by definition is an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly and frightening. Its the unknown lingering under your bed making you wish your blankets had the power of invisibility. A monster comes in many shapes and forms, its main purpose to destroy. They are creatures of elaborate pain, a motherless, fatherless creature shadowed in robes, veiled in black taking shape of all the things we fear most. Suddenly we flashback to a different time, many years ago. We are looking at the face of 18-year-old Anna Bobbi Dylan. She sits on the edge of her bed. An older man walks into frame with a paper bag in his hand. Hi sweetie, how was your

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