First Day On The Job, Scene 01

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Marcus London
Olive Glass
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Olive Glass is escorted to the reception area by her manager. When he informs her that the person that was supposed to train her today called in sick, she wonders if hell be the one training her. Unfortunately for her, he has to run to an important meeting and cant stick around. He assures her that shell do fine. Its been quiet lately and hes pretty sure no one will be coming in by the time he gets back. He wishes her good luck and steps out. Not a minute passes before Marcus London walks in and greets her. When Marcus asks if his regular masseuse is in she tells him that she actually called in sick. When she asks her if she can service him she sheepishly replies that she can. Marcus asks her if she ever gave someone a Nuru massage. She replies that she kinda has. Marcus knows a rookie when he sees one and tells her that hell be more than happy to show her the ropes. Happy to have the help, Olive leads him to the massage area. When they jump in the shower together he gives her instructions making sure she doesnt turn the water scalding hot. He laughs it off as she begins to lather his back. They flirt with each other as she gets on her knees and starts stroking his cock. It

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