Extra Slippery, Scene 01

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Codey Steele
Zoey Monroe
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Cody Steele has been working day and night trying to create the slipperiest massage gel on the market. Having spent the last six months working long days and nights he suddenly realizes that hes finally achieved his goal. Ecstatic, he calls his wife, Zoey Monroe, in the room to share the good news. When he pours some on her hands, she starts smiling immediately. She cant believe he did it! When he asks her if she wants to try some out, they take off their clothes and jump in the shower. The couple kisses passionately as the warm water runs down their skin. Cody has been working so hard that it feels like an eternity since he kissed his wife like this. Its obvious that theyve missed each other as they run their hands on each others body. As the grope each other, Zoey starts stroking Codys dick. When she gets it nice and hard, she gets on her knees and starts sucking his dick. By the looks of it, its clear that shes missed it. He returns the favor by playing with her pussy. When they move to the mat for the massage, its clear the couple almost forgot what they were celebrating, The Extra Slippery Nuru Gel! Cody lies down as Zoey pours it all over his body. When she climbs on

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