Teachers Tramp, Scene 01

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Carmen Caliente
Maddy OReilly
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Carmen Caliente is on the phone with her friend talking about how epic her weekend was. She ended up hooking up with all sorts of girls and cant wait to start college and find some new pussy. When her friend tells her that a new massage parlor opened up, Carmen asks her if thats the one that Maddy OReilly is working at. Her friend tells her it is and that she should go check it out. Carmen hangs up the phone and starts thinking about how hot it would be to dyke it out with her old teacher. Now that shes 18, shes 100 percent sure she could seduce her. When she gets to the salon, she asks Maddy if she remembers her. Maddy tells her she looks familiar but isnt 100 percent sure where she knows her from. Carmen tells her she used to be one of her students. When Maddy confirms that shes 18, she takes her in the back and asks her to take off her clothes for the massage. What Maddy didnt expect is for Carmen to start taking off her clothes in front of her. She lies down on the table and cant believe how good Maddys hands feel on her body. Maddy massages her back and legs but Carmen keeps telling her to get closer to her ass and pussy. Every time they do, Carmen moans a little louder. When

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