Corporate Massage, Scene 01

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Lily Rader
Samantha Hayes
Lesbians Massage Pornstars

As Lily Rader prepares the massage table, her boss, Samantha Haynes, walks in. Lily thanks her for suggesting this corporate massage day as shes had 8 clients already. When Lily asks Samantha why she hasnt come in for a massage, Samantha explains that she swamped with work and is way too busy. Lily tells her shes being ridiculous and that she should take advantage since it was her idea to begin with. Samantha agrees to 5 minutes and Lily starts working on her shoulders. Lily suggests she take off her skirt as it would be easier to work out some of her lower areas. Samantha doesnt think that its a good idea and is worried that someone could walk in on them. Lily assures her that no one comes in here when shes working on a client. Satisfied with her answer, Samantha takes off her skirt and lies down. Lily starts working on her back, trying desperately to get all the knots and tension out. When Lily points out that a little oil could help her work on her back better, she suggests Samantha take off her bra. When Samantha hesitates, Lily takes it off for her, adding that itll make her job that much easier. When Lily starts massaging her ass, Samantha is taken aback at first but c

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