Keep Your Family Close

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Chanel Preston
Charles Dera
Whitney Wright
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KEEP YOUR FAMILY CLOSE CHEATING HUSBAND IS CORNERED WHEN ONLINE MISTRESS SHOWS UP ON HIS DOORSTEPA - Wife Chanel Preston makes her husband Charles Dera, a nice dinner. She tries striking up a conversation with him but hes too distracted. Little does she know, its because hes busy staring at a string of messages on his phone from an apparent mistress of his. Annoyed by her husbands lack of caring, her eyes linger on a birthday card from her sister. Familys important, isnt it! she directs to her husband, who once again ignores her, showing that he takes his wife and family for granted. Unfortunately for HIM, karmas out to get him. The next day, the husbands world is turned upside down when a teen girl Whitney Wright shows up on his doorsteps. Shes eerily calm while he is too shocked to do anything but stare at her. Before he can shoo her away, the wife catches sight of the teen and invites her in, thinking shes there selling cookies. The teen comments that theres a misunderstanding... Shes not there to sell cookies, shes there to see her dad! The husband is stuck between a rock and a hard place as the wife gets over her initial shock and invites the teen girl in

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