A young couple emerge from another area of the house to the

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Bobbi Dylan
Chad White
Will Pounder
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A young couple emerge from another area of the house to the kitchen, their arms around each others waists as they snuggle and talk warmly while they walk. The man, Sammy Will Pounder, is telling his beloved, Angela Bobbi Dylan, an anecdote about the staircase from his childhood, such as when he fell and almost split his head against the banister. Angela smiles at the anecdote and remarks that its a good thing hes much calmer now. As they walk around the kitchen, Sammy gushes about his brother, Dirk Chad White. Angela starts to fret, saying its a lot of pressure meeting him, since Dirk is so important to Sammy -- what if he doesnt like her! Sammy confidently says his brothers going to LOVE her, everybody does. Whats not to love, shes perfect. Angela blushes and says shes not perfect, but Sammy starts listing how shes kind, and smart, and loyal, and strikingly beautiful of course, and... Hes interrupted by the sound of the front door unlocking and opening, and heavy boots stepping in before closing the door again. Little bro, you in here! A voice calls out. Were in the kitchen! Sammy calls out in reply. Some shuffling sounds can be heard as Sammy waits excitedly,

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