The Luckiest Guy, Scene 01

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Donnie Rock
Liv Revamped
Michael Vegas
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THE LUCKIEST GUY NYMPHO WIFE DOUBLE CREAMPIED BY STRANGER UNSUSPECTING HUSBAND SCENE OPENS on a married couple Vanessa Liv Revamped and Carl Donnie Rock, sitting comfortably at a restaurant with a plate of mostly-eaten food and a pair of scotch glasses almost empty, with only the remnants of melting ice cubes remaining. Its clear theyve been there for some time already. They are giggling and talking in low voices amongst each other, reminiscing fondly about a trip they took years ago together. Vanessa affectionately touches her husband often as they chat, her hand effortlessly resting on his shoulder, on his hand, on his lap, as she leans in. Clearly shes a warm, physical person. Carl is a bit stiffer, keeping his arms between his legs as he sits and blushing a bit whenever the conversation gets flirty, but he looks like hes having a good time as well. After a half-minute, the waiter Brayden Michael Vegas visits their table and asks if theyre having a good time. He remarks that they look dressed for a special occasion, and the wife remarks its their anniversary, holding up her ring with a smile. The waiter congratulates them and asks can get them anything more to eat.

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