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By guys, plural, she means Rocky and the guy who fucks her in her second scene, coming soon. By the way, the 20-year age difference between Cassie and Rocky isnt the largest of Cassies life. Ive When this scene opens, Sasha Sean, comeback porn star from the 1990s, tells us what she wants. She wants to fuck. She wants a hard cock in her mouth. She wants it in her tight pussy. Carlos shows up. Hes got the hard cock for her. She sucks it. No, check that. She doesnt just suck it. She makes love to it. She chokes herself on it. She sounds like shes gargling. And, yes, she still says, Fuck my mouth. Its so fucking big. Clearly, this is not a woman who shys away from big, hard cocks. Never has she had a gang bang in high school, fucked her way through the 1990s and is still fucking and never will. Ive been a porn star, an exotic dancer, a dominatrix and a massage therapist, 45-year-old Sasha said. Were just going to assume she gave happy endings. 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All this time, Cali doesnt seem to miss her husband at all.Some of you might have seen Cali before. She debuted at when she was 48. Now shes 50 and looking as fit and sexy as ever. She lives in Indiana, and she told us that she likes to drive her man crazy by sending him naughty pics during the day so when I get ho Back for the second time at, 53-year-old mother, grandmother, nudist and swinger Val Kambel gets ass-fucked on-camera for the first time. Val enjoys anal sex. She tells us so in the brief interview at the start of this scene. But Val would rather have sex than talk about it. Wouldnt everybody! And when Val gets to the action, she stuffs her face with 34-year-old Tonys cock then gets her pussy and ass banged in every conceivable positon. Val is a mother of two and grandmother of three. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lives in Tampa, Florida. Shes been a nurse and a construction worker. Yes, we said construction worker. 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Sabrina, whos 41 years old, is dressed for the occasion in a tight dress that hugs her ass and lets her perky tits spill out. Shes wearing stockings, too. When JMac walks over to where shes sipping wine, she immediately goes for his cock. This video is very ass-focused, as it should be considering Sabrinas bottom. It also should be said that despite her inability to speak English, Sabrina gets her message across very well, especially when JMac is fucking her in the piledriver position. She makes it very clear that she wants his dick deeper and harder and that she wants him to cum on her tits. Which he does, squirting a gigantic load that coats her mug. Sabrina has a daughter at home, by the way. Home is Miami, Florida. Shes divorced. Were guessing the guy couldnt keep up with her. Shes a stripper in Miami. We bet she gives a helluva Annette, a 48-year-old wife and mom from Las Vegas, returns, and shes looking great in a sexy, yellow dress. Annette says she loves cum. I love cum. In my mouth, on my face, in my hair, on my tits, she said. I just like cum. Im a cum girl. Im a cum slut. In this scene, after her stud has fucked her mouth and pussy, the cum ends up on her face. That cum is fuckin sweet, she says as she rubs it in. Its just what I needed today, cum all over my fuckin face. Annette is into a lot of things. Soft bondage. Tie me up. I love men in uniform. Thats a huge turn-on for me. And gang bangs. Hey, we have an idea for a gang bang: Maybe all the members should come down to our studio and take turns fucking Annette! Guess thats an idea for another day. So JMac is at the auto repair shop with the company car and the mechanic tells him to wait up front. JMac is buying something from the vending machine when Laura comes up behind him and smacks his ass. I can think of a few things we can do to make the time go by faster, 51-year-old Laura says, her DD-cup tits pouring out of her low-cut top. You should follow me. 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Anal sex! Group sex! All in When this scene opens, JMac is sleeping, and Nurse Kim Anh wakes him up to see how hes doing.She tells him hes healing pretty well. It seems like your leg muscle is still very strong, she says as she caresses his thigh. Im very impressed with your leg muscle, and I just imagine how this cock will be feeling when its fully erect. Let me feel it. Now, we dont know what the leg muscle has to do with the cock muscle, but JMac isnt asking questions and neither are we. Before long, 92-pound Kim has his big cock in her little mouth, and then shes taking it in her pussy, too. Kim, the first Asian model ever at, was born in Thailand and now lives in the United States with her husband. She told us that she watched her previous two videos with her husband, and what happened! I sucked his cock and he licked my pussy, Kim said. Kim said that shooting for has made her more aware of my body in a sexual sense and more aware of my sexual needs. Her sexual Now its time to get to know Cara Reid, a 60-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Texas who came to us through Sally DAngelo, one of the most-popular GILFs at our site. Cara is a toned, fit, big-titted blonde from Texas, and in all honesty, our one reservation when we saw her test shots was that you guys wouldnt believe shes actually 60 years old. But she is, born April 21, 1953. Youre just gonna have to take our word for it. Anyway, in this video interview, we find out a lot about Cara. We find out that she calls her pussy her cookie. She tells us that her pussy is little but tight. She tells us how she lived a sheltered life until she met her second husband, who introduced her to things like motorcycles, SCUBA diving, swinging and eating other womens pussies. She tells us how she ended up at, and thats a great story in itself. She was introduced to us by Sally DAngelo. And she tells us that very soon, she and Sally are going to have a three-way with a stud. 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